SixPoint Craft Ales—The Making of Dr. Klankenstein

By Meghan Storey

How do you bring water to a consistent rolling boil on an open fire?  This question and the realization that it isn’t easily accomplished, led ancient brewers to develop a style of beer known as stein beer.  This brewing process was just the inspiration that Six Point Craft Ales and Brewmaster Shane Welch needed to create his own “modern art”.

In conjunction with the Museum of Modern Art’s restaurant, The Modern, Shane and Sixpoint Engineer David Liatti set out to recreate the ancient process and brew their own stein beer—Dr. Klankenstein.

Welch explains their process, “Hot slabs of basalt are heated up over 1,000°F until they are glowing, then we developed a special harness and colander to lower the hot rocks into the beer, and the massive heat exchange took the internal liquid temperature of the beer to over 212°F and resulted in a raging boil!”

Dr. Klankenstein was tapped at The Modern around May 18 and was found to pair well with many of the restaurant’s Bar Room French-American dishes, including pork belly and foie gras.  See the complete Bar Room menu.

“When you add these stones to the wort, unfermented beer, theoretically, you should get more of a caramelization in terms of the sugars that are being boiled, and the stones themselves, release minerality,” explains  Modern’s beverage director, Ehren Ashkenazi.

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