Surly Brewing Co.


Omar Ansari is Surly—and you better get used to it!

After nearly 10 years of hard work, planning and the small task of changing the laws of Brooklyn Center, MN to allow breweries, Surly Brewing Co. was born in 2005.  It didn’t take long for the Twin Cities to catch on to the not too subtle message Surly was sending!

According to Twin Cities Business magazine, more than 400 Twin Cities liquor stores and bars have been waiting as long as three years to be on Surly’s customer list. Surly just can’t grow fast enough for its fanatical enthusiasts. The growth of Surly has been equally paired by attention to detail and focus on quality and innovative beers. In a blog post from Omar in April of 2010, he put the extreme growth into perspective. “In 2006, our first year of production, we sold 1,600 kegs of beer. Last week we had over 2,200 kegs of beer in production in the brewery,” said Ansari.

Minneapolis Television’s Field Trip to Surly Brewing Co.