Yards Brewing Company

By Brewers Association

The success of Yards Brewing Company can be seen in every facet of their business.  The growth of Yards has led to the brewery moving and expanding three times in the last 16 years. I’m sure founder Tom Kehoe could have never imagined Yards would grow from a garage-sized brewery in Manayunk, PA producing 30 kegs a week into its current 26,000 sq. ft. facility in Northern Liberty, PA, capable of producing 70,000 kegs a year!

Yards Eco-Friendly Initiatives Include

There is also a difference in growing and growing gracefully.  Yards has continued to raise the bar on environmental consciousness.

  • Pennsylvania’s first 100% wind-powered brewery
  • The bar tops are made from reclaimed bowling alley lanes
  • Floors are made from recycled concrete and coated in SoyCrete sustainable compound
  • Hot water collected and reused whenever possible
  • Salvaged mahogany trim on their bar walls
  • Reusable growlers to reduce packaging waste
  • All glass and cardboard recycled through the Pedal Co-Op (That’s right, by bicycle!)
  • Grains donated to local farmers as feed

Along with four signature ales, Yards has developed a series called the Ales of the Revolution in conjunction with Philadelphia’s City Tavern Restaurant.  These recipes attempt to recreate recipes thought to be created by three of our founding fathers.

Ales of the Revolution

  • George Washington – General Washington’s Tavern Porter 
    Yards brewery is located just blocks away from the site of Robert Hair’s brewery, where Washington’s favorite Philadelphia Porter was crafted.
  • Benjamin Franklin – Poor Richard’s Tavern Spruce Ale
    Poor Richard’s Tavern Spruce Ale is based on Franklin’s original recipe, which called for spruce essence and molasses, as barley and hops were not readily available at the time.
  • Thomas Jefferson – Thomas Jefferson’s Tavern Ale
    Thomas Jefferson Tavern Ale is a strong golden ale, based on Jefferson’s original recipe, which included ingredients specified and grown on his Virginia estate.

Yards Brewing Company
901 N. Delaware Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19123