From the Experts

Our craft beer and cheese experts include:

Janet Fletcher

Acclaimed author and cheese expert Janet Fletcher discusses the process she used to create beer and cheese pairings for her latest book: Cheese & Beer.

Janet Fletcher, author of Cheese & Beer walks through two craft beer and cheese pairings with’s Julia Herz and Chef Adam Dulye.

Greg Koch

Greg Koch

CEO, Stone Brewing Co.

Greg Koch provides insight into what he calls “The Great Myth of Wine & Cheese” and explains why craft beer is, and always will be, the supreme cheese pairing beverage. He even shares a few of his personal beer and cheese pairing tips, which will point you in the right direction and help make your next pairing a success.

Greg Koch’s Craft Beer and Cheese Pairing Tips

  • Check your temperature. You know better than to drink your craft beer straight outta the fridge, don’t you? Well, the same rule applies for cheese. Take it out of the icebox at least 30 minutes before enjoying.
  • Craft beer balances malty sweetness with hoppy bitterness. Implementing the same thought process of complement and contrast in your beers and cheese can often produce the best pairings.
  • Don’t overdo it. A smoked Cheddar or smoked gouda paired with a smoked porter or Rauchbier might seem like a no-brainer, but they end up essentially canceling each other out, muddling many of the nuances and complexities of each.
  • Think strength and match intensities. Big cheeses need big beers. Lighter cheeses call for lighter beers. But, never resort to the travesty of a so-called “light” beer!

Ruth Miller

Ruth Miller

The Beer & Cheese Maven

Ruth Miller hosts pairing events featuring craft beers and artisanal cheeses throughout New England. In “Cheesemakers & Brewers Make Some Crafty Collaborations,” Ruth discusses the similarities between the beer and cheese industries, looks at a few of the ways beer is used in the cheesemaking process and shares a few of the cheesemakers who are using craft beer in the production of their cheeses.

Collaborations to be on the lookout for:

Garrett Oliver

Brewmaster, The Brooklyn Brewery

Garrett Oliver, a true champion of both craft beer and food, shares his love of both all over the world. As the author of many books, including The Brewmaster’s Table, Oliver touts craft beer as cheese’s perfect partner through speaking engagements, demonstrations, pairing challenges and interviews.

Craft Beer and Cheese Pairings with Behind the Burner

Andy Sparhawk

Brewers Association, Craft Beer Program Coordinator

Suszanne Wolcott

American Cheese Society Certified Cheese Professional