Tips for Submitting a Recipe

Facebook Connect
To add a recipe, simply choose the option to “Login with Facebook” at the top of the recipe list page or at the bottom of any recipe post. Once you accept, the buttons + Add a Recipe or Edit your Recipes will appear.

*** You must use Facebook Connect with a personal account. Pages/business accounts do not work. Once logged in, you will have complete control of what contact information shows up on the posts you create. None of your personal contact information will be shown/shared.***

Plain Text
When adding text to this and all forms on, it is best to remove all formatting before pasting into the form. Notepad (PC) or TextEdit (Mac) are easy ways to ensure your text is ready to be pasted into the form.

Recipe Title
Enter the name of your recipe. NO ALL CAPS PLEASE…see it’s annoying!

Recipe Details
This section includes the author name (can be your name or blog name), preparation and serving details and ingredients. This is also where details about the beer used in the recipe (name and brewery) should be listed.

Beer Style
Choose a the style of the beer used in the recipe from the style list provided.

Recipe Instructions
Provide step by step instructions on prepping and cooking the dish.

Recipe Type
Choose the category that best describes your recipe.

Recipe Difficulty
Things to keep in mind when filling out this section include: special ingredients or equipment, time to complete, etc.

Recipe Seasonality
Things to keep in mind when filling out this section include: seasonal ingredients and beer styles.

You can type in a new tag (when you begin typing existing tags will appear) or choose from a list of common tags.

Featured Image
Upload the image you would like to use in your post. Be sure to click the blue button that says “Use as featured image” before saving.

Publishing and Editing
Once you select the publish button at the bottom of the form, you will be taken directly to your new post. Options to edit or add a new post will be at the bottom of the page.

If you have any trouble with the form or adding content to, email Meghan Storey.