Tips on Submitting News

Connect with Facebook, Google or Twitter Connect
To add a news post, look for the Google and Twitter icons at the top of the Beer News page (or any page of the website). Buttons + Add a News Release or Edit your Posts will appear.

***Once logged in, you will have complete control of what contact information shows up on the posts you create. None of your personal contact information will be shown/shared.***

Plain Text
When adding text to this and all forms on, it is best to remove all formatting before pasting into the form. Notepad (PC) or TextEdit (Mac) are easy ways to ensure your text is ready to be pasted into the form.

New Release Title
Enter the title of your release. NO ALL CAPS PLEASE…see, it’s annoying!

News Release Text
Add the body of your news release to the form. Don’t include contact information; that will be collected separately.

Choose the category that best describes your news.

Contact Information
Please provide your contact information, including an email for those that might have questions.

Featured Image
Upload the image you would like to use in your post. Be sure to click the blue button that says “Use as featured image” before saving. If you’re having an issue uploading a photo, it’s more than likely too big. Keep images under 1,200 pixels wide for easy upload.

By posting images with your post on, you are claiming that your images are properly licensed.

Publishing and Editing
Once you select the publish button at the bottom of the form, you will see a message that it is pending until approved by our staff. We will review your post as soon as possible and make it live.

After reading these tips on submitting news, if you have any trouble with the form or adding content to, email Meghan Storey.