A brand new app for craft beer

By Alex Katona-Carroll


Costa Mesa, CA– Sensaay is proud to announce the launch of a new app uniquely designed for craft beer, specialty coffee and fine tea companies. The app provides a mobile platform for companies to share products, live menus and nearby locations to interested consumers. It gives companies complete real-time control over the information that is displayed in the app, allowing for flexibility and personalized connections. 

The app is layered with functionality, including a built-in QR code reader, and helps companies educate consumers and increase their exposure through an affordable and dynamic medium. Join Sensaay as it builds community and reshapes the way consumers learn about, and stay connected to, specialty products.

Visitwww.sensaay.comfor more information about the app and the beta launch this fall. Sign up for free and start exploring the platform today!

Contact Info

Company: Sensaay
Contact: Alexandra Katona-Carroll
E-mail: alex@sensaay.com