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A Passion For: Hops

A Passion For: Hops

Epic Brewing’s Imperial IPA NOW features unique hops in each release

You’d have a hard time convincing anyone at Epic Brewing that “more” is a bad thing in a beer; more flavor, more hops, more variety, we want it all and more. Our Imperial IPA is the perfect example of how much we can pile into a beer. We start with as much malt as our system can handle and add several hop additions during the boil, then pack in even more flavor using whole leaf hops during a hop back. After fermentation we rest the beer on dry hops to infuse it with a huge hop aroma. If there’s a way to add more hops, we’ve done it but why stop there?

New for 2016 Imperial IPA will feature different hops in each release. The first release, #50 “Tropical” features two hops from New Zealand, Motueka and Waimea. Waimea is a heavy hitter, perfect for big IPAs with a distinct aroma of tangelo and citrus. Motueka is delicate in comparison but just as unique, featuring notes of lemon, lime, and passion fruit. We paired the two with Mosaic, a complex and well-rounded variety that combines tropical fruit flavors with more traditional herbal, and pine characteristics. It’s the backbone that lets Motueka and Waimea shine.

Like all of the beers in our Elevated and Exponential Series each release is individually numbered. We publish the hop profile, pack date, and other recipe information on our website at so you can see exactly why the beer your drinking is so special.

The next release of Imperial IPA will feature Simcoe, and its daughter Mosaic along with Amarillo a variety discovered and produced exclusively by Vigil Gamache Farms in Washington State. We plan on offering several unique release a year and will make announcements on our website and social media so you can enjoy the hops as fresh as possible.

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