A Toast To Oregon’s Dungeness Crab Season

By rogue_ales

NEWPORT, OR (Februrary 23, 2012) – Oregon’s Dungeness crabbers harvested 5,238,937 crabs so far this season, but only 6 of them were selected for the 2012 batch of Dungeness Crab Porter. 

Now on tap at Rogue Public Houses, Dungeness Crab Porter is brewed with live crabs. It’s delicious and unique flavor makes it the perfect beer to pair with seafood, but especially with the fresh, whole Dungeness Crabs that Rogue is serving on Sundays during Oregon’s Crab season. This is how Dungeness was meant to be eaten; chilled, served with lemon, warm butter made with Rogue Brutal IPA, a bib, a crab cracker and – for the truly adventurous – a Dungeness Crab Hat.

Dungeness Crab Porter is one of the ways Rogue shares the beer and seafood bounty of its hometown of Newport, Oregon, the Dungeness Crab Capital of the World. Other beers include Yaquina Bay Oyster Stout, made with fresh oysters from Yaquina Bay, and Captain Sig’s Northwestern Ale. It’s named for Sig Hansen, star of the reality show, Deadliest Catch.

Starting Today – Sunday, February 23 -26, 2012, Rogue hosts the Newport Seafood and Wine Festival in the parking lot of Rogue’s World Headquarters on South Beach.

The Rogue’s World Headquarters is also located next to some of the best crabbing on Yaquina Bay. Any day of the year, visitors can drop a pot off the back dock and catch their own Dungeness and then walk across the parking lot to use the cleaning stations at the Rogue House of Spirits.

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