2017 Barrel of Monks Grand Cru Bottle Release

2017 Barrel of Monks Grand Cru Bottle Release

This month, Barrel of Monks Brewing in Boca Raton, Florida will be releasing specialty bottles of the 2017 version of their famed Grand Cru. In the craft beer world, Grand Cru denotes a very special, limited beer. Never the same beer twice, the annual Barrel of Monks Grand Cru is back with a limited bottle release on Saturday, August 19th, from open to close (noon to 11pm). Buy two, one for now and one for later, as this beer should improve over time and will continue to age well for years.

2017 Grand Cru

Barrel of Monks’ Grand Cru is an annual release of one of their biggest beers. Essentially a Belgian-style Barleywine, the Grand Cru is made with ridiculous amounts of European malts, and balanced with just the right amount of noble hops. Barrel of Monks takes it one step beyond, modifying the recipe slightly each year to keep it on the cutting edge of superb craft beer.

The 2017 version has a deep amber hue, with a big malty aroma and rich flavor profile that lingers long after each sip but doesn’t overpower. With none of the burn you might expect from an 11% alcohol content, this high gravity beer, preserved in pristine 750ml bottles, will age well for years. This beer is bottle conditioned and will have a small layer of yeast sediment at the bottom. Pour carefully into a stemmed glass, leaving the yeast sediment in the bottle.

Barrel of Monks

Bringing a little Belgium to Boca, Barrel of Monks is a brewery that strives for something different in the Sunshine State. In a land of IPAs and fruity treatment ales, Barrel of Monks sticks to the roots of brewing with inspiration from the historic ales of Belgium, a sprinkle of sunshine, all made in a state-of-the-art brewery.

Founded by good friends who came together to create something that has seldom been done in the United States, Barrel of Monks is a brewery making exclusively Belgian-style beer, with a strict focus on quality – combining traditional techniques with modern technology.

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