Breakside Brewery presents B-Sides

Breakside Brewery presents B-Sides

On Saturday July 30th, Breakside Brewery presents an illustrious new line of B-Sides, barrel-aged sour beers and wild ales that comprise a veritable mix tape of blends from vintage or unreleased beers. The initial offering is of eight new 750ml bottled beers with new labels, part of a new series the brewery has been working on for 2+ years.

“All of these are “blended” beers,” comments Breakside’s Brewmaster Ben Edmunds. “That is, we approached this series in the winemaking tradition of creating certain cuvees. Pairing and blending barrels that worked together to create harmonious and balanced different beers. Most of these beers did not start as ideas in and of themselves– the ideas came to us through the blending process. Annus Mirabilis and The Man Who Made Dessert are the two that are a little more “project” based.”

Breakside will debut the new B-Sides series at a limited ticketed party at the Milwaukie Taproom and Brewery on Saturday, July 30th. For this special party, Breakside will be offering 750ml bottles for a discounted $14 with a one-time chance to try all eight on tap, along with a selection of rare beers from the library on sale in bottles and on tap. Any remaining bottles of B-Sides will be sold exclusively at Breakside’s two locations for $15 a bottle from then on. We repeat: this will be the only chance to try them all on tap.

$15 entrance ticket to the B-Sides launch party includes a script of 8 tickets for 5 oz pours of any of the special draft offerings for the evening. Additional tickets for draft beer will be $2/5 oz and can be purchased on site. All bottle sales are first come, first served.

B-Sides Launch Party & Cellar Tasting Saturday, July 30th 6 – 8:30 PM $15 Tickets Breakside Taproom & Brewery 5821 SE International Way Milwaukie, OR 97222

Here is the full draft and bottle lineup for the evening:

Draft List

B-Sides: Portmanteau Carte Blanche Homunculus Annus Mirabilis The Man Who Made Dessert Next Thursday Dos Pinches Persona Non Grata

From The Library: Apollo & Dionysus (Gin Barrel-Aged Saison with Chrysanthemum and Jasmine) Beaujolais avec Brett 2014 (Sour Wheat with Gamay Noir Grapes and Brett) Bellwether 2014 (Sour Double Wit Aged in Gin Barrels with Thai Lime Leaves) Bon Vivant 2015 (Dry Hopped Belgian Ale Aged in Pinot Noir Barrels) Bourbon Barrel-Aged Salted Caramel Stout 2015 Braggadocio 2014 (Bourbon Barrel-Aged London Porter/Stone Collaboration) Bricolage (Brett Belgian Pale Ale) Cerveza Carajillo (Rum Barrel Aged Mexican Coffee Stout) Elder Statesman (Dry Hopped Bourbon Barrel-Aged IRA) French Quarter (Rye Wine Aged in Brandy Barrels) Flor de Besançon (Maderized Sour Rye Aged in Bourbon Barrels)

Palate Cleansers: Passionfruit Sour Ale Post Time Kolsch Definitely Not (India Wheat Ale/Wayfinder Collabo) Pomegranate Gose Breakside IPA


Bottle List 

B-Sides: all $14 at release party; $15 starting 7/31 Portmanteau (limit 4) Carte Blanche (limit 4) Homunculus (limit 4) Annus Mirabilis (limit 2) The Man Who Made Dessert (limit 2) Next Thursday (limit 2) Dos Pinches (limit 2) Persona Non Grata (limit 2)

Library and Special Releases: available only at party on 7/30 Bon Vivant 2015 ($13, limit 4) Elder Statesman ($13, 2 case limit) India Wild Ale ($13, limit 3) Jouissance ($13, limit 3) Braggadocio ($14, limit 3) Bourbon Barrel-Aged Aztec 2013, 2014, 2015 ($14, limit 5) Bonfire Walk With Me ($20, limit 1) Beaujolais avec Brett 2014 ($20, limit 2) Habitus ($15, limit 1) Bricolage ($18, limit 3)

Contact Info

Company: Breakside Brewery
Contact: Ezra Johnson-Greenough