Brewed for the 47 Percent!

By Curt Potter

This Election Day, Blue Point Brewing Company, Long Island’s oldest and most award-winning craft brewery, urges you to exercise your right to entitlement with the official release of Entitlement Porter, their latest small-batch craft brew. A timely salute to our nation’s political process, Blue Point Brewing Company’s Entitlement Porter is inspired by the recipe for White House Porter, the first alcohol brewed or distilled on the White House grounds.

Brewed using four types of malt and two different hop varietals, Entitlement Porter is well-balanced with notes of espresso and toffee and finishes boldly with an ABV of 5.0%. Mark Burford, Blue Point’s Brewmaster and Co-founder says, “We’re not big on making political statements, but we’re big on making great beer, so this was an ideal way for us to embrace the spirit of the season.” Adds Blue Point President, Pete Cotter, “While we brewed this for the so-called 47%, we hope you’ll enjoy this limited edition all-American craft beer – no matter which percentage you are.”

Entitlement Porter is a one-time-only special release, available only in 22-oz. bombers at select beer stores on Long Island and the Blue Point Brewery Tasting Room, located at 161 River Avenue in Patchogue. Voters are encouraged to stop by the Tasting Room during our special Election Day hours on November 6, from 12PM – 7PM, for a sample. Those who purchase bombers of Entitlement Porter are entitled to a free pint.

Please vote responsibly…and remember, the only percentage that should ever be singled out is ABV!

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Company: Blue Point Brewing Company
Contact: Curt Potter