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Brewswap App Makes Trading Craft Beer A Swipe Away

Brewswap App Makes Trading Craft Beer A Swipe Away

Brewswap App Now Makes Your Next Craft Beer Trade A Swipe Away With Launch of Mobile App in Apple App Store

Swipe beers to swap beers and discover a community driven by craft beer enthusiasts from all across the country.

Brewswap is the first craft beer trading app of its kind that will feature a prominent profile reputation system based on feedback scores as well as the ability to swipe on “for trade” photos from across the country or near your current location. The app is now available for iOS with plans to expand to the Android platform later this year.

The goal of the Brewswap app is to provide users with a fun and convenient experience built for the way that we connect today. Users simply post a photo of their FT (For Trade) on the app and swipe on other FT photos in their feed. If both users swipe right, they are able to message each other.

By taking a simple and inviting approach, Brewswap opens the scene to newcomers who may find the other platforms a bit intimidating in addition to the more experienced veterans. By giving users the ability to swipe and match with each other, Brewswap eliminates trolling and influencing of any kind, allowing for people to connect and iron out details in private without any added pressure.

The Brewswap App features:

  • An innovative new social discovery experience for the craft beer trade scene: simply share, swipe, and swap
  • The trade scene should not be limited to whales or limited releases only. See brews being offered from all across the country that weren’t even on your radar and swipe left or right depending on what sparks your interest
  • For users that know exactly what craft beer they after, simply utilize the search feature and type in the name of that beer or the brewery you are seeking out. Users will only be shown and swipe on brews in their customized feeds that match the specified criteria
  • “IP Mode”(In-Person mode) which is in development, gives users the ability to discover and swipe on other Brewswappers within a nearby radius. This is ideal for those that like to meet up in person as well as people who are attending releases and festivals and want to see fellow Brewswappers in close proximity to them in real time
  • A comprehensive rating system currently in development giving users the ability to provide feedback on their match. That feedback will be applied to a publicly shown reputation score on their profile increasing the trust within this community
  • Many other features in the pipeline designed to build a stellar community and create a flourishing environment where every craft beer enthusiast always has access to the beer they want with the ability to find new beers that they never knew existed

Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and the Brewswap community outgrew the app’s initial message platform, overwhelming our servers within the first 4 days of release and recording a staggering 12,000 swipes within that same time period. That number ballooned to 35,000 three weeks into our launch and continues to grow each day.

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