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Down The Road Beer Company announces its Winter Seasonal: Spring Heel Jack London Porter

Down The Road Beer Company announces its Winter Seasonal: Spring Heel Jack London Porter

EVERETT, MA – November 18, 2016 – Down The Road announces the release of its Winter seasonal – Spring Heel Jack’s London Porter (6.5%ABV). This dark, malty brew features strong notes of coffee, chocolate, caramel and fruit, and is the perfect companion to lazy snow days spent hearthside.  “So much of the porter market is cornered by barrel-aged booze bombs, but we wanted to make something more traditional with a London Style Porter.” explains Donovan Bailey, founder and head brewer of Down The Road. Spring Heel Jack’s London Porter hits the mark by drawing on centuries of English brewing heritage with no quirky ingredients, balanced hops and rich malts. Spring Heel Jack pours as black as the soul of its namesake. Herbal Fuggle hops uplift the heavy body of Chocolate and Black malts, and English Ale yeast finishes the brew with dry fruity esters.

But who is “Spring Heel Jack,” you may wonder. The Terror of London, AKA Spring Heeled Jack was a mischief maker of the 19th century who ascended to the status of legend in near countless Penny Dreadful stories. What started as a mischievous rogue, evolved into a near supernatural devil who could leap buildings in a single bound. In fact, the people of London were so terrified of his possible existence, that in 1838, the Mayor of London enlisted the aid of the police to search out the devil and offered a reward for tips on the rogue’s whereabouts.

Spring Heel Jack’s London Porter will be available beginning the week of Thanksgiving in 16oz cans and on tap at select establishments. Take a step off the main thoroughfare, and embrace the darkness.

About Down The Road Beer Company

Down The Road Beer made its first official mark on the Metro Boston Craft Beer market with the launch of its signature Pukwudgie Pale Ale in April 2015. However, the company’s Founder and Head Brewer, Donovan Bailey, began brewing beer over 20 years ago with his father. Down The Road brings a uniqueness to the Craft Beer market by bucking the trend to create the next craziest innovation. Instead, the company focuses on creating fresh, high quality beer, brewed locally in Massachusetts and inspired by traditional brewing techniques. Down The Road is based in Everett, MA and has already sold its beers in over 700 retail outlets, bars and restaurants. The company plans to open a Taproom in Everett in early 2017 to further deliver upon its Mission to bring  its Fresh, Local and Inspired beer ‘Down The Road’. Visit or follow the company on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram at @DTRBrewery to find out more.

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