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Heavy Seas Announces New Year-Round Beer: Pounder Pils

Heavy Seas Announces New Year-Round Beer: Pounder Pils

BALTIMORE, MD — Heavy Seas Beer is pleased to announce the release of a new year-round beer in 2016, Pounder Pils. This German-style Pilsner lager will be available starting in April 2016, in all 17 states where Heavy Seas Beer is distributed.

Made with Czech malts and a plethora of European hops, Pounder Pils is an American interpretation of the classic European Style. Exhibiting a crisp malt backbone and an herbaceous hop profile, the beer is refreshing yet still complex.

“I have been looking forward to making this beer for a long time,” said Brewmaster Chris Leonard. “True Pilsner is a challenging style – the flavor profile has to be perfectly balanced. There is very little to hide behind.”

            The specs for the new product are:

Style: Pilsner

ABV: 5%

IBU: 35 to 40

Malts: Pale, Czech Pilsen

Hops: Hallertau Mittlefrue, Saaz, Opal

“The cannon balls on a sailing ship during the age of sail were named for their weight,” said Heavy Seas Founder, Hugh Sisson. “A common size weighed 6 pounds, and would be called a ‘6 pounder’, so we thought it entirely appropriate to make that the name of our new 5% Pilsner – which is, after all, a very ‘poundable’ style of beer!”

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Company: Heavy Seas Beer
Contact: Christine Shaffer