Newburgh Brewing Releases Newburgh Brown Ale and Newburgh Cream Ale

By Newburgh Brewing Co

First Shipments Leave the Brewery on April 24, 2012

April 25, 2012—not content to rest on the heels of their great opening weekend release of Newburgh Saison and Newburgh Peat Smoked Stout, Newburgh Brewing Company today released their Newburgh Brown Ale and Newburgh Cream Ale.  Following the same high standards in taste, quality, and “sessionable” that was set by their predecessors last week, the Cream Ale and Brown Ale are set to hit bars and restaurants in the Hudson Valley later this week.
“Brown Ale is one of my absolute favorite styles of beer, and our Newburgh does not disappoint,” says Paul Halayko, Newburgh Brewing’s President. “It has a wonderful roasty flavor, with a hint of chocolate, and it’s a beer I could drink all day long.”

The Cream Ale is a particular favorite of Brewmaster Christopher Basso.  “Cream Ale is, generally speaking, a relatively underserved part of the beer world.  There are some great cream ale’s out there; we hope people will think Newburgh Cream Ale has met the high standard for cream ale that has been set by other great breweries across the country.”
Specific Information on each of the beers is follows:

Cream Ale (4.8% ABV; suggested pairings include:  Salads, Fish, Spicy Foods, Grilled Calamari)
Our interpretation of a New York original.  Originally brewed by ale breweries to compete with the surging popularity of lager beer, it remains a regional specialty in the Northeast United States.  Our version is light-bodied and pale straw color, but uses no corn or rice as many of the original versions did.  We use a blend of malted wheat and unmalted barley.  We chose to slightly modernize the style by adding a more pronounced hop character and bitterness, which results in a supremely refreshing experience.

Brown Ale (4.2% ABV; suggested pairings include:  Grilled/Roasted Meats, Hamburgers, Savory Pastries, Shepherd’s Pie, Stews, Hard Cheeses)
Our version of a London Style Brown Ale.  In the south of England, they prefer their brown ale maltier and lower in alcohol.  Here in Newburgh, we tend to agree.  Verging on black, this beer pours with a light tan head and beautiful ruby highlights in the glass.  The flavor is dominated by malty sweetness and gentle hints of chocolate and toffee.  A nice and sessionable 4.2% alcohol content and medium to light body begs for an evening by the fire at your local pub.


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