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Rogue Gives Mom Roses

Rogue Gives Mom Roses

NEWPORT, OR, April 16th 2013– Rogue is celebrating Mother’s Day with the release of Mom Hefeweizen brewed with Oregon Rose Petals. This year, give Mom something she really wants: roses and beer! Mom’s Hefeweizen is only available in April and May 2013.

Mother’s Day was made an official holiday in 1914 in the US. It was created by Anna Jarvis, who wanted to accomplish her mother’s dream of making a celebration for all mothers. She succeeded. Now, with Rogue’s help, mother’s everywhere can celebrate the perfect gift: Mom Hefeweizen with Roses for Mom on Mother’s Day.

Dedicated to the Mother in each of us, Mom Hefeweizen features the likeness of Mo Niemi (1912–1992) whose spirit has indelibly shaped the daily life of Newport, Oregon. Mo, founder of world famous Mo’s Restaurants, was Rogue’s first landlord and surrogate mom in Newport.

Roses have a long history of being used for fragrance and flavor, dating back several millennia. It is used to flavor food and also in religious purposes throughout the world. Rogue Ales, Stouts, Porters, and Lagers use no chemicals, additives or preservatives. Rogue Mom Hefeweizen with Roses is available on draft and in limited edition 22oz serigraphed bottle. Mom Hefeweizen with Roses will also be available for purchase for Mother’s Day online at

Celebrating its second century, Rogue Ales is an Artisan Varietal Brewery founded in Oregon in 1988, as one of America’s first 50 microbreweries. Rogue has 1,000+ awards for taste and quality and is distributed nationally and in 32 countries.

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