Standing Stone Brewing Company Releases Summer Seasonal Hefeweizen and Specialty Ale, Midsummer Dream

By Standing Stone Berewing

Standing Stone Brewing Company of Ashland, OR recently released its summer seasonal Hefeweizen and a specialty ale, “Midsummer Dream.”




Standing’s Stone’s Hefeweizen is a top fermented Bavarian-style wheat beer, true to tradition. It’s unfiltered, resulting in a hazy gold color matching summer’s late afternoon rays. This craft beer offers aromas and flavors of clove and banana. It’s highly carbonated for a refreshing mouthfeel Standing’s Stone’s 2010 Hefeweizen garnered a gold award in the Lallemand Brain of Brewers contest in 2010. Brewmaster Larry Chase promises this year’s batch is just as good or even better. 6.0% abv


Malt: Organic Wheat, Organic Pilsne,  Acidulated


Hops: Organic Magnum for bittering, Organic Saaz for flavor/aroma 


Midsummer Dream


Midsummer Dream is named in honor of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon, This ale offers a bright yellow color matching summer’s rays and a very light body. It’s a session-style craft beer with a lower alcohol content, making it the perfect choice to sip on the season’s long afternoons. It’s no lightweight when it comes to flavor, imparting a distinct cracker-like malt character with spicy and floral nuances from the blend of Cascade and Centennial hops. Due to fermentation at a lower temperature (62F) than our other ales, this beer has a crisp, dry finish much like a pilsner. 4.9% abv


Malt: Organic Pilsner, Organic Crystal 15, Organic Carapils, Ashburne Mild, Acidualted


Hops: Bittering = Centennial, Flavor/Aroma = Centennial and Cascade


More details on the beers can be found on Standing Stone Brewing Company’s blog at A complete list of Standing Stone Brewing Company’s beers can be found at

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