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Adirondack Brewery’s NYS Oktoberfest has 100 Percent New York Ingredients

Adirondack Brewery’s NYS Oktoberfest has 100 Percent New York Ingredients

Adirondack Brewery is set to release their 2017 seasonal, NYS Oktoberfest, a beer brewed in the Marzen style and comprised of 100 percent New York State ingredients. The 6.2% ABV Lager is brewed with Lake George, NY water, 2-Row and Munich malt from New York Craft Malt in Batavia, NY, hopped with Cascade and Willamette varieties from Mosher Farms in Bouckville, NY, and fermented with Adirondack Brewery’s house lager yeast.

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The concept for the NYS Oktoberfest comes from Adirondack Brewery’s effort to source ingredients close to home. “We’ve been really dedicated to working with New York State hop growers and maltsters whenever we have the opportunity.”, stated Head Brewer Nathan Zerbe. “Last Summer, we were able to sit down with the team at New York Craft Malt and taste through a large variety of Grain Teas. Essentially just malt steeped in hot water, Grain Teas easily allow us to experience what certain malts will contribute to the final complexity of a beer. We were really excited about what we were tasting from New York maltsters.”

In addition to their Oktoberfest, Adirondack brews a variety of beers with New York State hops as well. Each September, during peak hop harvesting season, they brew a wet-hopped Rye IPA with hops sourced just 24 miles from the brewery, in Pottersville, New York. “Rich Lemelson, who is the farmer up there at Owl Valley Farm, has been absolutely great to work with.”, states Zerbe. “He hand-delivers his whole cone hops to us the day they’re harvested so that we can immediately turn around and brew our Harvest Rye IPA within 24 hours. As a brewer, it’s pretty cool to be that close to your ingredients.”

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Look for Adirondack Brewery’s NYS Oktoberfest to hit the shelves of craft retailers and the tap lines of fine drinking establishments throughout New York State this August. The Harvest Rye IPA will follow as a draft-only release this September.

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