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[New Episode] The Beer Diaries: Adelbert’s Brewery, Austin, Texas

[New Episode] The Beer Diaries: Adelbert’s Brewery, Austin, Texas

Greg Zeschuk, host of The Beer Diaries, goes behind-the-scenes at Adelbert’s Brewery, of Austin, Texas, to talk to founders Greg Smith and Scott Hovey.

In the latest video, Greg Smith, Scott Hovey and Dr. Greg discuss the Austin craft beer scene, building craft beer communities and of course taste some of their high-end Belgian-style ales.  The episode is now live on the YouTube Channel: and on the official website:

Dr. Greg and the Adelbert’s Brewery guys discuss the interesting origins of the brewery, their philosophy around creating Belgian-style ales in Austin and the reasoning for their bold move in self-distributing their fine beers.

Adelbert’s Brewery appeared on the Austin scene with a very wide range of Belgian-style offerings, including a Wit, Saison, Dubbel, Tripel, Blonde and a Dark Ale; they practically ran the entire gamut!

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ABOUT THE BEER DIARIES The Beer Diaries is hosted by Dr. Greg Zeschuk, a former medical doctor turned video game developer turned chief beer enthusiast.  Video game enthusiasts will recognize Zeschuk from the company he co-founded, BioWare, who are the creators of games like Baldur’s Gate, Mass Effect, Dragon Age and Star Wars: The Old Republic among others. Since leaving BioWare in late 2012, Greg has been focusing his creative passion in an entirely new direction and new topic: craft beer.

Led by Mike Mann, an Austin Director and Documentary filmmaker, The Beer Diaries production team is a talented group that like beer almost as much as they love telling great stories.  The initial concept behind The Beer Diaries is straightforward – host a series of interviews showcasing brewers and their beers with an end goal of celebrating and promoting craft beer around the world.  The first installment of episodes showcases brewers in and around Austin, Texas.  The Beer Diaries team is heading to Colorado next, and plan on filming there in Spring 2013.

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