NOLA Brewing Company Releases High Gravity Mechahopzilla

By NOLA Brewing Company

NEW ORLEANS, LA – This month, NOLA Brewing Company releases their latest creation, Mechahopzilla, an imperial India Pale Ale and the first in a high gravity line that the brewery will start producing each year. Mechahopzilla’s high gravity – alcohol content by volume (ABV) over 7% – will be the highest of any of NOLA Brewing’s craft beers, standing at a whopping 8.8% ABV.

“As it is our first foray into high gravity beers, developing Mechahopzilla has been a labor of love, and we’re really excited to see how craft beer drinkers accept it,” says Kirk Coco, Founder of NOLA Brewing Company. “Mechahopzilla is not your everyday IPA. All I can say is, try it.”

Mechahopzilla is the brainchild and namesake of NOLA Brewing Company’s brewmaster Peter Caddoo, also known around the brewery as “Hopzilla.” Bravo and Columbus hops, dry hopped with bold Centennial and Citra hops, create a complex layering of aromas and flavors that resemble a piney, grapefruit flavor, characteristic of hoppy beers.

“Mechahopzilla has a monster head and finish on it,” says Coco. “It’s a big beer with big flavor!”

Mechahopzilla hits New Orleans on September 20 with launch party at the Avenue Pub at 6pm and will be sold locally on tap in bars and pubs.

NOLA Brewing Company plans to brew Mechahopzilla until October 2013, when it will replaced with a new high gravity beer every 6 months.

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Founded in 2008 by Kirk Coco, NOLA (New Orleans Lager & Ale) Brewing Company creates beer for introductory craft beer drinkers and experienced craft beer lovers alike. The company’s passion for high-quality, craft beers that they themselves want to drink translates into great-tasting beers, made from premium malts and hops, and brewed with over 30 years of experience. Committed to bringing the history and tradition of craft beer back to New Orleans, NOLA Brewing Company creates a cultural experience with each new pour.

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