NOLA Brewing Co. and New Belgium Brewing Co. Team Up

New Orleans, LA (August 1, 2013) – NOLA Brewing Co. (New Orleans, LA) and New Belgium Brewing Co. (Fort Collins, CO) have teamed up to create a collaboration beer called Swamp Grape Escape. New Belgium expanded distribution into the Louisiana market this past April and shares the same New Orleans distributor as NOLA Brewing, Crescent Crown Distributing.

The limited edition beer will be a Belgian Single Ale brewed with muscadine grapes. The muscadine grape, also known as the swamp grape, was selected since it is native to the southern region of The United States, specifically Louisiana.

New Belgium will be visiting New Orleans on August 1 through August 4 to brew with NOLA’s team on their 20-barrel system. Swamp Grape Escape will be released on September 23 during Louisiana Craft Beer Week at Avenue Pub and will be available on draft only.

Contact Info

Company: NOLA Brewing Company
Contact: Kenzie Oescher