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Octopi Brewing, The Midwest’s Premier Contract Brewery, Is Now Accepting Clients!

Octopi Brewing, The Midwest’s Premier Contract Brewery, Is Now Accepting Clients!

Octopi Brewing is a one-stop shop for new beer brands, established breweries and hospitality chains.

 Octopi Brewing is the leading contract brewery in the Midwest with 3 main goals:

  • To produce high quality beer for new brands, existing breweries at capacity looking to expand their footprint locally or enter a new market, and hospitality chains looking to develop their own brands.
  • To be the first contract brewery to offer a comprehensive range of services in brand development, from concept to creation.
  • To offer unparalleled customer service and brew beer in state of the art equipment catering directly to the needs of the modern craft brewer.

Octopi Brewing has a better vision for how a beer brand should launch and seeks to create a better process for the next generation of beer entrepreneurs by:

  • Utilizing brand-new state of the art German equipment featuring an Esau & Hueber 50-Barrel 3-vessel brewhouse, a GEA centrifuge, and a KHS 30-head bottling line with the ability to fill multiple bottle sizes.
  • Employing a highly skilled brewing team with over 20+ years combined experience
  • Offering the services of our talented, young and hip designers to assist with logo creation and packaging design.
  • Becoming the first brewery to provide comprehensive assistance on beer formulation, supplier selection, business consulting, permitting/licensing guidance, marketing advice, merchandising, and brewery construction planning.
  • Consulting and guiding clients on how to succeed in the craft beer world.
  • Strategically partnering with new craft beer brands, established craft breweries, and high volume retailers seeking to create their own brands (supermarkets, hotels, hospitality).
  • Catering solely to contract brewing with an attention to detail, standard of excellence and reliability not currently found in the US.
  • Central geographic location offering strategic access to shipping lanes.
  • Committing to the highest level of customer satisfaction for our clients.
  • Building much more than just a company by creating a brewery focused on the beer community: Where beer enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and visionaries can learn and grow.

Octopi fills the tremendous void in the contract brewery scene. We have the prior experience of successfully launching new brands. We know what works to make a brand successful and have the connections to do so. We will take the vision of the new beer enthusiast and help bring it to life. We will also fulfill the beer goals of existing companies by brewing for established breweries at capacity and hospitality chains.

At Octopi Brewing we are our client’s extra limb, helping them grow their business through us. Just as the octopus moves skillfully in a realm that is ever changing, shifting, and wafting, Octopi strives to be in constant motion. We have the ability to move with market demands and trends to meet the needs of our clients. Octopi are water creatures and take the form in which they are held. We will take the shape of our clients and fill their diverse needs specific to their brands. As a contract brewery, we want to remain behind the scenes and let our clients’ brands flourish on their own. We take pride in doing all the work behind closed doors, letting the public respond to the exceptional products of our customers, and allowing our contracted brands to represent our company.

Octopi Brewing’s model is simple:  Brewing your beer, Propelling your brand

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Contact: Adam Vavrick