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Results of the 2015 NAGBW Awards

Results of the 2015 NAGBW Awards

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  – September 28, 2015 – The North American Guild of Beer Writers (NAGBW) is pleased to announce the winners of its third annual competition for writers, bloggers, broadcasters and authors. Results of the NAGBW Awards were announced on Saturday, Sept. 26, 2015, in a ceremony in the Brewers Studio Pavilion venue, provided by the Brewers Association, at the Great American Beer Festival™ in Denver, CO.

The 2015 NAGBW Awards had 191 submissions in nine categories. The Local/ Regional category was the most competitive with 42 entries. Congratulations to the winners.


  1. This Is Why I’m Drunk by Bryan Roth
  2. Literature and Libation by Oliver Gray
  3. The Beer Bible Blog by Jeff Alworth, All About Beer Magazine


  1. Strange Brews, hosts Andrew Gill and Alison Cuddy
  2. Tales From the Cask, hosts Chip Mims, Tony Walldroff and Jennifer Balik
  3. Beer O’Clock!, host Lisa Morrison


  1. Feeding Frenzy by Jeff Cioletti, All About Beer Magazine
  2. The When, Where and How of Proper Food Pairing by Marty Nachel, Jollity Magazine
  3. The Potent Flavors of Barrel-aged Beer by Ken Weaver, FSR Magazine


  1. Dusseldorf vs. Cologne: My two rounds of a friendly German beer bout by Will Hawkes, The Washington Post
  2. Smoke and Shadow: Exploring lager’s roots around Bamberg by Joe Stange, All About Beer Magazine
  3. Oregon Breweries by Brian Yaeger, Stackpole Books

BEST SHORT FORM WRITING, (600 words or fewer)

  1. A Theology Ph.D. is Putting His Faith in Brewing by Sarah Bennett, The L.A. Weekly
  2. Wheatwine, A beer style to warm up your winter by Zak Stambor, Chicago Tribune
  3. The Belgian Highlands by Drew Beechum, BeerAdvocate magazine


  1. Pittsburghers, relax: The mayor is fixed, by Chris Togneri, Pittsburgh Tribune Review
  2. Hop Farm Harmony by Josh Noel, Chicago Tribune
  3. IPA Spinoffs: The Rise of the India Silly Ale by Brian Yaeger, All About Beer Magazine online


  1. Brew Britannia by Jessica Boak and Ray Bailey, pub. Aurum Press
  2. Experimental Homebrewing by Drew Beechum and Denny Conn, pub. Voyageur Press
  3. Practical Parti-Gyle Brewing by Joe Stange, Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine


  1. Alaska Beer: Liquid Gold in the Land of the Midnight Sun by William Howell pub. Arcadia Publishing
  2. Creativity is the name of the game by Patrick Evans, Grand Rapids Business Journal
  3. Casey Brewing and Blending finds the sweet life with sour beers by Eric Gorski, The Denver Post


  1. Unlocking the Secrets of Smell by Aleszu Bajak, BeerAdvocate magazine
  2. Craft: What does it mean anymore? by Joshua Bernstein, Imbibe Magazine
  3. Stocking the Cellar without Breaking the Bank by Patrick Dawson, Craft Beer and Brewing Magazine

ABOUT THE NORTH AMERICAN GUILD OF BEER WRITERS – The NAGBW has over 200 members from USA, Canada, United Kingdom and Europe. Guild membership is open to all writers and content producers who cover beer and brewing, although industry and associate memberships are both non-voting categories. For more information on membership or the Awards, visit or follow us on Twitter @NAGBW.

Photo: Gail Ann Williams Caption: NAGBW Co-Founder Jay Brooks presents award to Brian Yaeger

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