RiverWalk Brewing Co. Introduces New Website

RiverWalk Brewing Co. Introduces New Website

RiverWalk Brewing Co. launched a new website www.riverwalkbrewing.com that will give visitors a better look inside the growing brewery.

In particular, website visitors can expect to see:

  • Current beer offerings section where visitors will get a deeper understanding of what they brew and how they brew it.
  • New blog with details about their upcoming expansion and other stories from the brewery
  • Updated events section so fans can find them at local events

VP of Marketing, Dave Smith further explains, “RiverWalk Brewing has always been about two things: great beer and great stories. This is our opportunity to connect on a deeper level with our customers. It also sets the stage for people that are just beginning to hear about us and want to know more.”

The new website is now live, here.


About RiverWalk Brewing Co. Locally brewing our unique style of complex, yet balanced, craft beer in Newburyport, MA since 2012. Our approach is rooted in brewing history and blended with our worldly vision for what beer can be.


Contact Info

Company: RiverWalk Brewing Co.
Contact: Dave Smith
Email: info@riverwalkbrewing.com