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Something To Chew On- Uinta Brewing to Change Name of Hop Notch IPA

Something To Chew On- Uinta Brewing to Change Name of Hop Notch IPA

When the risk of market confusion was brought to Uinta Brewing Company‘s attention regarding one of their top selling brands, Hop Notch IPA, Uinta decided to concentrate on what they excel at: brewing beer.

And so, without further ado, Uinta introduces Hop Nosh IPA.­­

At first glance, one might not notice the change, and purposefully so.  With the exception of 2 letters, everything remains untouched. From the iconic florescent green package, adorned with two busy farmers loading a wagon full of hops, to the beer within, the brand hasn’t been altered. Let’s be clear: the beer is still the same, a ‘top-notch’ IPA that has been enthusiastically received by impassioned craft beer drinkers.

So, what’s in a name? Beyond the appeal of not straying far from the use of “Hop Notch”, Uinta embraced their inner foodie realizing that “Nosh” was an excellent fit for this beer– so big in unique hop character that it is literally a hoppy snack.

The “Hop Notch” to “Hop Nosh” transition will roll out with the new year.  In the midst of an expansion, a really exciting time at Uinta, it only took one sip of Hop Nosh for the Uinta team to digest the change and move on.  Uinta hopes that the craft beer community will embrace the transformation as Uinta has.  Most importantly, within each bottle, can and keg lives the same IPA: drinkable, consistent, clean and hop-forward.    Cheers to great beer, the camaraderie of the craft beer industry, and to Hop Nosh.  May it always be perceived as a ‘top-notch IPA’.

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