Stone Brewing Co. San Diego Beer Week Events

By Randy Clemens

Escondido, CA | October 31 — Stone Brewing Co. is prepared to hold down San Diego Beer Week in style yet again! Taking place from November 4-13, SDBW brings together over 500 events that highlight San Diego’s breweries, restaurants, pubs, bottle shops, and other craft beer businesses.

In addition to participating in over 30 other events around the county, Stone Brewing Co. will be hosting 11 of its own events on its home turf at the acclaimed Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens (1999 Citracado Pkwy, Escondido, details below). All Stone events, on-site and off-site, are listed at


Stone Brewing Co. was founded in 1996 by Steve Wagner and Greg Koch in North County San Diego, CA. It is the 14th largest craft brewery in the United States and has been named “All-Time Top Brewery on Planet Earth” by BeerAdvocate magazine – TWICE! A recently announced $26.6M expansion plan (that includes a hotel among other lofty ventures) is underway, as are developments to become the first American craft brewery to open a brewhouse in Europe. Visit for more information.


San Diego Beer Week promotes San Diego’s thriving craft beer culture by sponsoring a ten-day countywide festival that attracts beer tourism, fosters knowledge of our regional brewing heritage, and serves as a showcase for San Diego’s breweries, restaurants, pubs, and other businesses with ties to the craft beer community. For more information and a current list of events, visit or Cheers!

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