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Tennessee Brew Works and Killarney Brewery Collaborate

Tennessee Brew Works and Killarney Brewery Collaborate

NASHVILLE, Tenn.Tennessee Brew Works and Killarney Brewery Company, an independent Irish Craft brewery located in Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland, announced today a partnership to create two craft beers, one in Nashville, the other in Killarney, Ireland.

Brewers from Killarney Brewery are in Nashville this week working with Tennessee Brew Works’ brewers on their new collaboration beer, “The Foggy Dew,” named after an Irish folk song while giving a nod to the hazy style of the beer.

The light bodied, the single batch hazy summertime IPA is at 5.3% ABV, ripe with hop dankness and notes of citrus and tropical fruit. This brew also showcases a brilliant base stout malt from Ireland-based Loughran Family Malt and the hops are all from Crosby Hops, Oregon; both wonderfully suited for brewing American IPA.

The beer is expected to be available at Tennessee Brew Works’ Taproom in the next two weeks. Likewise, Tennessee Brew Works’ Head Brewer, Matt Simpson, will travel to Killarney Ireland in late July to celebrate their barley harvest and create another grain-to-glass craft beer for Irish drinkers’ enjoyment.

“Our organizations are like-minded in our pursuits of supporting local agriculture and brewing with natural ingredients. We also find that these collaborations are essential to the growth of creativity and knowledge in the global craft beer industry,” says Christian Spears, CEO, Tennessee Brew Works. “We appreciate learning from each other as our brew teams create great beers to enjoy here and across the pond.”

“We are super excited to collaborate with Tennessee Brew Works with whom we share so much culturally and philosophically. We are proud of where we are from, our history, the commitment we have to this industry and share the never ending quest to make the finest beers in the land for all to enjoy.  We hope this will be the first of many collaborations and look forward to welcoming the Tennessee Brew Crew to the Kerry,” said Barry Spellman, General Manager at Killarney Brewing Company.

About Killarney Brewery beer and food course

The founding partners of Killarney Brewing Company have restored the old Killarney Mineral Water drinks facility to its former glory; it is now one of Ireland’s most exciting new independent craft breweries and tap rooms. The unique layout and design oozes warmth with a meshing of old world charm and new world ambience: we pay homage to “old school” Killarney yet in a sleek, industrial setting. The brewery specializes in the production of Ireland’s finest range of craft beers. Additionally all our beers are named after local myths and legends, evoking emotions of all things Killarney.

About Tennessee Brew Works

Tennessee Brew Works was founded with a mission to create high quality craft beer that pays homage to the land, traditions and culture of Tennessee. They brew beers using only natural ingredients and source them from local farms whenever possible. Tennessee Brew Works is one-hundred percent owned and operated by folks in Tennessee. They are guided by their motto: “We work hard to create high quality craft beer that makes Tennessee proud. Our culture places importance on family, friends, and community, and we hope you’ll be a part of it.”

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