The Development of The Craft Beer Life

The Development of The Craft Beer Life

Craft beer has taken the US and a better part of the world by storm the past few years with no signs of stopping. The flavors, the passion, and the local culture make the industry both exciting and engaging to be a part of. With new local breweries opening every month there are brewery tours, beer vacations, and brewery hops all over. With more and more folks identifying with the values and ethos of the craft breweries a craft beer lifestyle has begun to emerge with its own styles and craft beer gear.

Craft beer style is as unique as the zip code the brewery is in. The style of the local brewery tends to mirror its community and you can see a prevailing theme once you walk into the taproom. Young, Old, expressive, conservative, urban, diverse, or simple are just few of the descriptions which may apply.

Craft beer gearis also a growing phenomenon. Growler holders, growler backpacks, CO2 taps, kegerators, and home brewing systems will all fall into this category. How you transport your beer and how you share it with your friends and family has led to a wave of new equipment and gear. If you spend enough time in a brewery taproom you will see a wide variety of gear come in designed to hold, pour, or store craft beer.

The craft beer style combined with new craft beer gear, and now you have the ingredients to create a whole craft beer lifestyle. The people who love craft beer will find any excuse to find their way into a brewery taproom. Some come to try a rare or limited offering, others may be looking for a great meeting spot to end the day at work or finish off a bike ride. This love of great local beer and the need to share it with others is what this craft beer lifestyle is all about. So grab your growler and find a great new beer in your community.

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