The Stanley Cup Makes an Appearance at Lake Placid Pub & Brewery


Who needs Champagne when you have the opportunity to drink craft beer from the Stanley Cup! Chris Ericson, owner of Lake Placid Pub and Brewery, had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to drink his own beer, Ubu Ale, from the Stanley Cup when it paid a visit to Lake Placid, New York.

“There was a public showing of the Cup at the Lake Placid Conference Center and people waited in line for over two hours to see a quick glimpse of it. We had it for an hour at the pub, just sitting there on table 43 and I got to drink out of it, it was truly surreal,” said Ericson. spoke with Ericson about the Stanley Cup’s visit. Had you ever seen the Cup before? Tell us about it.

Ericson: The cup weighs about 35 pounds. There is a handler from the NHL with the cup at all times. He doesn’t let anyone other than the players or NHL staff pick it up. So in the photos, Don DelNegro, the Bruins trainer, is holding the Cup while I am drinking out of it. I was the only person allowed to drink out of it, so I was really excited to say the least. I had seen the cup before when I was in high school and visited the hockey hall of fame in Toronto. In fact my yearbook picture is me with the cup; but these new pictures are much cooler. Were you surprised when Don DelNegro offered to bring the Cup by?

Ericson: Don was my hockey trainer when I was at Williams College playing hockey. He left Williams to take the Bruins job and we reconnected when we both found ourselves living in Lake Placid. When the Bruins were in the playoffs, the whole team came to Lake Placid and many players came to the pub, so when they won we had an idea to invite Don and the Cup to the pub. But, until it was actually here, it was an idea and not a reality…especially as a hockey player it was surreal. How did you decide which beer to drink from the Cup?

Ericson: Ubu Ale, an English-style Strong Ale, is our most popular beer so there was no real question as to what was going to go into the cup.

What American craft beer would you drink from the Stanley Cup?

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