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Thirsty Monk Releases Crooked Stave Collaboration, Grace Sour Blend

Thirsty Monk Releases Crooked Stave Collaboration, Grace Sour Blend

DENVER, CO—  Thirsty Monk, brewer of Belgian-Rooted Modern Ales and operator of world-recognized craft beer and craft cocktail bars, is proud to announce Grace Sour Blend, bridging Thirsty Monk Head Brewer, Brian Grace, with his historical residency at Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project. Grace Sour Blend debuts on tap at all Thirsty Monk locations on Wednesday, April 10th.

Grace Sour Blend is a blended sour comprised of barrel and foudre-aged beers brewed, cellared, and now hand-selected by Thirsty Monk head brewer, Brian Grace during his 3 years as Head Brewer at Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project.

This project comes after the announcement of Thirsty Monk’s newly developed barrelhouse, The Woodshed in Denver. This barrel aging facility currently houses Thirsty Monk’s budding sour beer program featuring two foeders and a diverse selection of wine and spirit barrels for which Grace is brewing black, burgundy and golden base, inoculated with wild yeast and bacteria before the addition of fruit, and eventual blending and bottle conditioning.

“I still keep in touch with the team at Crooked Stave including several collaborations since my departure,” explains Grace. “I was discussing with Crooked Stave owner and Brewmaster, Chad Yakobson about how Thirsty Monk is in need of barrel-aged sour offerings while our beers continue to age at The Woodshed. Chad suggested I create a blend with barrel-aged beers in their cellar that I brewed while working there.”

Grace Sour Blend is burgundy in color, with aromas of red wine, leathery Brettanomyces, oak and a light berry bouquet. Flavors swim in a medley of berry fruit and skins, red wine, mild oak, and a balanced Brettanomyces funk. The care Grace took in hand selecting this blend is evident in its smooth complexity, showcasing a new direction that the Thirsty Monk family is excited to explore and add to its well-rounded beer list.

“As far as the flavor goes I had a clean slate and wasn’t required to make a blend that needed to taste like any other beer,” explains Grace. “So I spent a few days tasting through their cellar, exploring the different flavors of barrels (including gin, wine, and foeder aged barrels) and came up with a unique blend just for Thirsty Monk.”

If you have questions about Thirsty Monk, The Woodshed Barrel House and their developing sour program contact Emily Hutto at


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Founded in 2008, Thirsty Monk Brewery currently operates a family of brewpubs in Asheville, North Carolina (Thirsty Monk Downtown Thirsty Monk Biltmore Park), Denver, and Portland, Oregon. Thirsty Monk’s award-winning, modern-rooted Belgian ales are showcased in the company’s Cicerone-crafted food menus, which include beer style-centric Food Flights and beer-paired burgers. Find the company online at


Founded in Denver, CO in late 2010 as an artisan beer project, Crooked Stave is the culmination of brewmaster and “Brettanomyces Guru” Chad Yakobson’s open source master’s research, The Brettanomyces Project. Crooked Stave’s progressive approach to brewing blends science and art through creativity and passion. The resulting creations, most of which use Brettanomyces yeasts and mature in oak, are beers of extraordinary complexity. The brewery has also started receiving accolades of late for its non-sour beers, specifically its new line of “Private Reserve” barrel-aged Imperial Stouts. Learn more at

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