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Verdugo West Brewing Co. Becomes Trustworthy Brewing Co.

Verdugo West Brewing Co. Becomes Trustworthy Brewing Co.

Verdugo West Brewing Co. announced today it will change its name to Trustworthy Brewing Co. Head Brewer Chris Walowski will continue brewing the same top-caliber beers they have come to be known for. Trustworthy Brewing Co. will operate on the original eight core values: Quality, Education, Passion, Fun, Humility, Genuine, Accountability and Responsibility.

“We’re grateful for the passion and support we have received from our guests and community, and as we’ve grown, our original name presented a few challenges,” said Walowski. “A lot of people couldn’t pronounce it or Google would autocorrect to ‘Vertigo’ and send you to WebMD. Along the way, our ‘Trustworthy IPA’ became a fan favorite and a more recognizable name, so we decided it was time to make a change.”

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Under the Trustworthy Brewing Co. name, Walowski will introduce new beers he has been crafting, including barrel-aged sours, fruited sours and whiskey barrel-aged blends. Additionally, Gigil Pilsner, Wax Wing Blonde Lager, Trustworthy IPA, Brass Jar Hoppy Amber and What Plane? Oatmeal Stout will be available in four-pack 16 ounce cans by the end of the year.

Since opening in January 2017, the brewery has grown from three people and four fermenters to a 12 person team with nine fermenters. The expansion and addition of a horizontal lagering tank has resulted in the doubling of beer production year-over-year.

For more information and to stay up to date on events and specials, like, follow @TrustworthyBrewing on Instagram and @TrustworthyBrew on Twitter or call 818-841-5040.

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