Brewing TV Celebrates Two Years of Production

By Chip Walton

One of the most popular beer-related shows on the internet celebrates its second anniversary in May 2012. Brewing TV is shot, edited, and presented online by Twin Cities-based Northern Brewer Homebrew Supply. In its first sixty episodes Brewing TV has worked hard to promote the culture and community of homebrewing, and celebrate the work of professional brewers. For these efforts, iTunes honored the webcast with a “Best New Arts” award in 2011.

The phrase “All for Brew, Brew for All” is more than the show’s slogan – it’s our mission statement. Through episode themes and guests, the viewer experiences first-hand the art and science of beer-making. From the small-scale stove-top homebrewer to the multi-million dollar craft beer giants – the love of beer and passion for creating it is the moving force behind Brewing TV.

Craft beer icons from brewing companies such as Surly, New Glarus, Widmer Brothers, Summit and Odell have appeared in episodes and praise the production. “I really enjoy the work that Brewing TV does,” says Greg Koch, CEO and co-founder of Stone Brewing Company. “At Stone, they were very successful in capturing our style and philosophy, rather than just the typical brewery visuals and talking head soundbites. The guys at Brewing TV know their subject matter, and it shows!”

And while craft beer is close to Brewing TV’s heart, our first love is homebrewing. Some of the most-viewed episodes from the last two years are the ones in which we follow homebrewers through a brew session, highlighting the joys of the hobby, enjoying great beer, entertaining and educating along the way. A deep connection between homebrewing and professional microbrewing is also felt when craft brewers share the experience and experiments from their early days as homebrewers.

The producers of Brewing TV appreciate any coverage of our upcoming anniversary in May 2012 (our first episode posted online May 7, 2010). Contact Northern Brewer video projects manager Chip Walton (, cell # 512-914-1834) for more information, promotional stills/video or interview arrangements — including a brew session for your video or photography.!/BrewingTV

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