Belltower Brewfest Placerville CA

Belltower Brewfest Placerville CA

And THE event of the Season is The Belltower Brewfest in Placerville on Saturday the 29th of June from 6 to 9 PM. Enjoy three great hours strolling the entire length of Main Street turned 100% pedestrian with Live Music in 3 locations. Picture –catching the sunset, you finish that delicious sample from the previous Gift Shop, Store or Gallery as you legally (remember– ok on a closed street) mingle your way toward your next destination. The unlimited small tastes of the many dozens of varied craft beers from across the country await you within the next establishment–all fascinating to investigate on their own !  Browsing through these great hosting shops is what makes this so different from the usual room or field  of exhibitors.

Fairly plentiful snacks and samples in these wonderfully welcoming businesses help cover any hunger pangs. And in addition, most of the many outstanding restaurants you pass are offering delicious take away items!

Always a fantastic friendly time with a more relaxed, less imbibed crowd than some big brewfests. Tickets have sold out in the past—do not take a chance and drive up without buying online.

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For anyone coming from afar, The Cary House hotel  is right amidst  this, and more than a couple of really quaint B&B’s are within walking distance for a safe after Fest.  See you there!

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Company: Placerville Downtown Merchants Assoc.
Contact: Kay Delange
Email: kaydelange@gmail.com