Great Lakes Burning River Fest


Since 2001, Great Lakes Brewing Company has been working with the greater Cleveland community to celebrate and raise awareness for the Great Lakes region and the Cuyahoga River ecosystem through the Great Lakes Burning River Fest.

The festival features educational exhibits from area environmental groups, food from local farms and restaurants, live music from more than 30 bands, and Christmas in July with the special release of Great Lakes Brewing Company’s Christmas Ale.

The Burning River Fest supports the Burning River Foundation, Inc., a local non-profit that provides support and resources for water-focused projects in Northeast Ohio.

The history of the Cuyahoga River makes it the perfect location for a festival aimed at raising awareness of water conservation and protection. In 1969 an oil slick and debris in the river caught fire in Cleveland and caused immense damage to the ecosystem and railroad bridges spanning the river. The fire, which only lasted 30 minutes, brought national attention to river pollution and the importance of conservancy.

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