WinterWonderGrass Partners With Great American Beer Festival To Bring Fresh, Independent Breweries To Steamboat, CO For 2020 Tasting

WinterWonderGrass Partners With Great American Beer Festival To Bring Fresh, Independent Breweries To Steamboat, CO For 2020 Tasting

For the 2020 season, WinterWonderGrass is excited to announce their collaboration with the Great American Beer Festival® (GABF) to curate a fresh and independent brewery selection for the festival’s daily beer tastings. As with past iterations of WinterWonderGrass, complimentary beer tasting will be held for all attendees aged 21+ from 2:00-5:00 pm each day throughout the festival, taking place this February 21st – 23rd, 2020.

“The original inspiration behind the creation of WinterWonderGrass was due to the fact that we were attending great musical events with mediocre beer, and great beer festivals with mediocre music. Why not combine all the best ingredients?” explains festival founder, Scotty Stoughton. “When we presented a WinterWonderGrass stage during Great American Beer Festival in October, our minds were blown by the incredible selection and dedication of small and independent craft brewers across the land. We decided to expand our collaboration with the GABF outside of the festival, and so this year, we’re bringing not only some of our past favorites, but a fresh new crop of tasting partner breweries to all to all three festival stops this season.”

This year’s tasting partners include ciders, spiked seltzers, gluten-free and gluten-reduced beers, in addition to the traditional brew.

New tasting partners include Good River Beer from Denver, CO, Spiked Snowmelt—the brand new spiked seltzer line from Boulder, CO-based Upslope BrewingHolidaily Brewing from Golden, CO, which offers an extensive selection of gluten-free beers, Boulder’s Twisted Pine Brewing, specializing in gluten-reduced beers, Wibby Brewing from Longmont, CO and Square Peg Brewerks from Alamosa, CO.

Steamboat-local breweries Butcherknife Brewing and Mountain Tap Brewery will make their returns in 2020. Additionally, the festival is excited to welcome Steamboat-local Yampa Valley Brewing Co. into the fold for 2020’s edition of the WinterWonderGrass Festival.

Old favorite tasting partners like 4 NosesAccomplice BrewingLeft Hand BrewingOskar BluesSierra NevadaStem Cider, Upslope Brewing, and Telluride Brewing will also make their returns to Steamboat this winter.

WinterWonderGrass Steamboat 2020 Tasting Partners:Beer Styles

  • 4 Noses (Broomfield, CO)
  • Accomplice Brewing (Cheyenne, WY)
  • Butcherknife Brewing Company (Steamboat, CO)
  • Good River Beer (Denver, CO)
  • Holidaily Brewing, Gluten-free (Golden, CO)
  • Left Hand Brewing (Longmont, CO)
  • Mountain Tap Brewery (Steamboat, CO)
  • Oskar Blues (Longmont, CO)
  • Sierra Nevada (Chico, CA)
  • Spiked Snowmelt by Upslope (Boulder, CO)
  • Square Peg Brewerks (Alamosa, CO)
  • Stem Ciders (Denver, CO)
  • Telluride Brewing (Telluride, CO)
  • Twisted Pine Brewing (Boulder, CO)
  • Upslope Brewing (Boulder, CO)
  • Wibby Brewing (Longmont, CO)
  • Yampa Valley Brewing Co. (Hayden, CO)

In a continuing effort to move towards a zero-waste event—with 2020 being completely single-use plastic free—WinterWonderGrass will introduce a new tasting cup program inspired by feedback directly from the fans. Advanced ticket purchasers will receive a stainless steel, multi-use tasting cup, in addition to a complimentary custom branded beer mug from Eco Vessel. The Eco Vessel beer mugs will also grant attendees discounts on all beer purchases throughout the festival.

Second tier pricing for 3-day GA passes just started, and a limited quantity of single-day Steamboat tickets are available while supplies last. Steamboat VIP tickets are sold out, but the official fan-to-fan exchange, powered by Lyte, is now open and the best place for fans to buy and sell tickets on the second market: http://bit.ly/WWGxLyte.

About WinterWonderGrass: Music, brews, mountains, locals eats and family is what makes up the three days of the WinterWonderGrass Festival. With deep roots in Colorado, California and growing in Vermont, the event has established itself as a leader in the winter lifestyle culture where the quality of experience outweighs the notion of quantity. WinterWonderGrass is an intimate gathering where inspiration and connection sit at its core. Our community is focused on sustainability, local non-profit support, nurturing the next generation and truly backing the arts.

Since its inception, the festival continues to cultivate the relationship between nature, roots music and community. It has established itself as a vehicle for inspiration, a place where open hearts and minds–along with a dissolved illusion of separation–creates a true, authentic platform for artists, vendors, attendees and the planet to connect as one.

For more information on WinterWonderGrass, please contact juliana@crownjulpr.com or ariel@bonfirentertainment.com.

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