Get Lucky with Kermit The Hop

Get Lucky with Kermit The Hop

Skip the artificially-colored green beer this St. Patrick’s Day and grab a delicious organic beer instead! Bright, crisp, super hoppy and delicious––Bison Brewing’s Kermit the Hop, a Double IPA brewed almost exclusively with organic Simcoe®, is proof that one need not sacrifice the pleasures of every day living to be green and sustainable. Drinking “green” has never tasted this good.

But being green hasn’t always been easy for Bison, who received organic certification in 2003. “My greatest challenge as an organic brewer used to be the accessibility and availability of organic hops,” explains Del Grande, Bison’s award-winning brewmaster and owner. “But, the organic beer world is rapidly changing. We [organic brewers] have been working with our hop farmers to increase hop supply and the number of varietals available to organic brewers.”

This year, Bison landed a big organic Simcoe® hop contract, finally allowing Del Grande to brew his first organic Double IPA. But the real proof–of how far the organic beer revolution has come–is in the liquid itself. “Kermit the Hop is one of the best beers I’ve ever brewed,” beams Del Grande. “It’s extremely well-balanced and way too drinkable for 8.5% abv. I can’t get enough.”

Instead of drinking dyed beer or (higher-carbon footprint) imported Irish beer, Bison is encouraging beer lovers to choose a more sustainable option this St. Patrick’s Day. “My organic Chocolate Stout is an Irish dry stout––a great alternative to Guinness,” notes Del Grande. “And Kermit the Hop is an obvious choice, with its festive green label. Plus, it will bring you good luck.”

Kermit the Hop is available in 22oz. bottles and draft. For more information on Kermit the Hop’s distribution and availability, contact

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