Hunterdon Employees Earn Cicerone Certification

By Nancy Maddaloni

Hunterdon Employees Earn Cicerone Certification

Phillipsburg, NJ – December 14, 2011 – Hunterdon Distributors is proud to announce that four of their employees have earned the title of Certified Cicerone. Those employees include owner and founder Dave Masterson along with sales manager Jeff Rancan, specialty brand manager John Hoyos and salesman Chris Mullowney.  The total number of Hunterdon Cicerones now sits at five employees, with salesman Scott Crystal earning the distinction in early 2011.

Created in 2008 by Ray Daniels, the Cicerone program recognizes beer professionals that possess an exceptional level of knowledge and expertise in all facets of the industry. The program consists of three levels: Certified Beer Server, Certified Cicerone and Master Cicerone.  To date, there are approximately three hundred Certified Cicerones nationwide.  That number is steadily growing as retailers and distributors across the country are recognizing the need for a well-educated and informed sales force.

Obtaining the Certified Cicerone distinction requires passing an intensive four-hour exam that includes a written test, a hands-on demonstration and a tasting evaluation section.  Individuals must display extensive knowledge in five categories: Beer Styles, Keeping and Serving Beer, Flavor Evaluation, Ingredients & the Brewing Process and Beer & Food Pairing. 

As the leading craft beer distributor in the state, Hunterdon takes great pride in the high-level of beer appreciation and knowledge amongst its staff.  The company continually strives to keep its retailers informed regarding proper serving techniques and correct storage procedures to ensure the consumer receives a fresh product each and every time.

The entire Hunterdon sales team completed the first step in the Cicerone program, the Certified Beer Server Exam, and the company hopes to have the remaining members of its sales team go on to achieve Certified Cicerone by the end of 2012. Hunterdon has agreed to host the exam in March 2012 at their office in Phillipsburg, New Jersey.


About Hunterdon Distributors

Hunterdon was founded in 1996 and has grown steadily over the years into a company with sixty full-time employees.   Hunterdon has raised the bar for craft beverage availability and selection in the state by providing the most diverse and sought-after portfolio the market has to offer.  The company currently represents over fifty domestic craft brands, hundreds of imports and a unique line of micro-distilled spirits, sakes, ciders and meads.  Owners Mike Short and Dave Masterson continue to focus on bringing quality products to the New Jersey consumer.

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