New Small-Scale Beer Brewing Kits Bring The Innovative World Of Craft Beer Into Kitchens Everywhere

By Kyle Westfall

Orlando, FL September 17, 2011

When Kyle Westfall, owner of Craft a Brew, LLC (, first wanted to try his hand at brewing beer at home, he was in college and couldn’t afford to spend the $150 that a typical beer brewing kit costs. As a lover of high quality beer, he cringed at the thought of making beer with the poor quality products offered by the lower cost beer kits sold in department stores. Westfall knew he could do better and set out to create a home brewing kit that was affordable and focused on fresh, quality ingredients to make the best possible beer at home.

Westfall began learning all he could about brewing unique, complex beer at home with a larger kit he received as a gift. After 2 years of home brewing he scaled down the process and the best possible recipes he could find and started relentlessly testing multiple batches. After 6 months of testing and refining, Craft a Brew LLC was born.

Craft a Brew’s ‘Craft Beer Brewing Kits’ include everything you need to turn you from beer lover into beer brewer, for just $45. The kits even include a book about the art and processes of brewing quality beer at home. The kits contain all the equipment you need along with your first recipe kit. Customers do not need to buy any complicated equipment: “You only need a stovetop, a pot and some empty beer bottles and your ready to brew!”

Craft a Brew uses only high quality, fresh ingredients and the same basic processes that professional craft brewers use, at a price that is accessible to just about any craft beer drinker.

“When I was in college, the only kit I could afford was a $40 Mr. Beer Kit,” said Westfall. “I know that real craft beer doesn’t come from a can and a plastic fermenter so why should I brew something like that at home? With our kits, you are making brewery quality beer on a smaller scale, so you no longer have to sacrifice quality for price.”

Craft a Brew’s Kits are currently available with 4 different recipe kits: Smooth Brown AleAmerican Pale Ale, a German style Hefeweizen and an Oak Aged IPA. Each Kit includes one batch of ingredients, and customers can buy additional recipe kits for only $15 each.

Craft a Brew will be working with award winning home brewers and a Brewmaster on creating new and innovative recipes to offer. New recipes will include a Chocolate Coffee Stout, an Orange Saison, honey wines (mead) and even a Bourbon Barrel Porter.

“I am working on getting many different exotic brewing ingredients, spices and sugars to sell along with my kits and instructions on how to use them so that anyone can order my kit and brew a beer no one has ever tried before,” said Westfall. “We are even experimenting with a Smoked Malt Bacon Ale.”

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