Schlafly Beer: Craft Beer’s Robin Hood

By Kay Witkiewicz

Saint Louis Brewery/Schlafly Beer 
Saint Louis, Missouri
The Schlafly Beer Employee Blog

The city of St. Louis instantly inspires three images: Budweiser, Gateway Arch, and the Mississippi River—probably in that order. However, for the past two decades, Saint Louis Brewery, better known as Schlafly Beer, has played the role of craft beer Robin Hood—stealing taste buds and tap handles with its flavorful lineup of libations right from under the nose of the “King of Beers.”

Schlafly has fully embraced its role as local craft beer innovator and rabble rouser, within the community and on their blog, The Schlafly Beer Employee Blog. Schlafly supports an array of sustainable and educational initiatives in the St. Louis area, including hosting a weekly farmers market, and an Olfactory Education Series, which allows patrons to gauge the effects of various hop varieties in Schlafly’s dry-hopped American IPA.

In addition to regularly chronicling the brewery’s busy schedule of events, Schlafly’s employee-run blog is famous for its April Fool’s Day videos and co-founder Tom Schlafly’s monthly musings that feature a heady mix of poetry, literature, history, and, of course, craft beer. With the help of Schlafly Beer’s savvy and savory presence, St. Louis is once again a bustling beer city!