Cavalry Brewing


In 2008, after his company consolidated, Mike decided to take his love of beer to the next level. Opening a brewery seemed like a logical choice, as he was able to combine his previous experience as a salesperson and business manager with his background in biology and biochemistry. He trained in Sunderland near the Scottish border in the UK and had the opportunity to work with several local breweries while training and planning his own brewery.

Mike McCreary brought his love of English Ales from Oxford, England to Oxford, Connecticut, by founding Cavalry Brewing in 2010. The brewery was named after the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment, in which McCreary served during his tour in Iraq in 2003.  McCreary continued the tribute to his time in the military by naming his first four beers after four of his friends who he served with.

Mike was determined to brew traditional English Ales in the U.S., and continues to import all of his barley and hops from England. To ensure the most accurate English-style Ales possible, Mike sent water samples to England so they could be analyzed, and his water could be mirrored after the water of the midlands of England.