Exclusive: The Making of SAVOR Flowers


We’ve learned to expect nothing but extraordinary things from the creative minds of Boston Beer Co. and Dogfish Head, but when these two innovators were asked to collaborate to create a beer for SAVOR, the result was nothing short of genius.

Both Sam and Jim have been long-time supporters of SAVOR: An American Craft Beer & Food Experience, so it was only fitting that they became the first of many to produce a beer exclusively for the event. This year, attendees were lucky enough to leave with their own bottle of SAVOR Flowers.

The beer was brewed using rose water distilled at Dogfish Head, experimental hops, jasmine, hibiscus, lavender and honey. It was then aged in tanks with a special tincture that was made in Barrel One, the barrel that helped start the extreme brewing movement when it was used in the first aging of Sam Adams Tripple Bock.

“It [SAVOR Flowers] starts with flowers in the rose water and ends with flowers in the aging tanks, Jim Koch, Boston Beer Company founder and brewmaster.