Haymarket Pub & Brewery

By CraftBeer.com

Join Hop Cast as they follow the Haymarket Pub & Brewery crew on their seven month  journey to opening their Chicago pub at the beginning of 2011. Hop Cast documented the team at Haymarket from May through December 2010 (7 episodes) as they worked to renovate the historic 100 year old building into the bar and dining areas.

Haymarket’s co-founders were a match made in brewpub heaven.  Pete Crowley, formerly a brewer with Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery for over 14 years, is the force behind the beer. Meanwhile, John Neurauter, Sausagefest organizer and slow food enthusiast, works to build the menu, which features fresh, house made sausages, pizzas, burgers and rotisserie chicken.

Enjoy the first episode, and head over to Hop Cast to check out the entire series of Haymarket updates.