Deconstructing the Beautiful Beverage of Craft Beer

Deconstructing the Beautiful Beverage of Craft Beer’s new poster explores the basics of beer

The new Deconstructing Craft Beer poster is packed with information about the amazing beverage that is craft beer. From perception to ingredients, this poster textually and visually deconstructs craft beer in a way never seen before.

“Craft beer lovers are proud to hold a beer in their hands and admire and discuss the tastes, aromas and colors in their glass,” said Julia Herz, Craft Beer Program Director for the Brewers Association. “Now those same beer lovers can proudly display their appreciation of craft beer with one of the most informative and beautiful posters on the topic.”

You’ll be seeing this poster in brewery taprooms and better beer bars across the country, and now you can proudly hang it on your wall. Visit the Brewers Association Craft Beer Enthusiast Store to pick up this awesome and information-packed poster that just plain makes you thirsty.

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