Take Action: Support Your Local Brewery

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When you buy beer from a craft brewery, you’re also supporting a small business. Small and independent breweries don’t have deep pockets or lobbyists in every state capital, and that’s why beer lovers like you play a big role in defending craft as part of the Support Your Local Brewery network.

(What is the Independent Craft Brewer Seal?)

If you want to be part of the movement that helps support local breweries, sign up below. You’ll receive email alerts from the Brewers Association, publishers of CraftBeer.com, when legislation that could potentially harm craft beer or provide opportunities to benefit small, independent brewers are being discussed in your state. Those email alerts mean it’s time to call and write your elected officials and the Brewers Association will provide all you need to make those contacts.

Support Your Local Brewery — Easy as One-Two-Three

Step 1: Fill out the quick form above and tell us where you live and the best email to get in touch with you.

Step 2: The Brewers Association will keep a close watch on national and state legislative or regulatory issues that could potentially threaten small, independent and traditional breweries. You will receive an Action Alert when your help is needed. Don’t worry, other than the occasional national issue, you will only receive Action Alerts when initiatives arise in your state.

Step 3: We’ll tell you exactly how to take action—and in most cases provide a super easy way to show your support.




Learn more about the Brewers Association’s grassroots efforts and what types of regulatory issues affect America’s craft brewers.