Savor the Flavor

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The Brewers Association reminds beer enthusiasts everywhere to “Savor the Flavor Responsibly®” and encourages the responsible enjoyment of beer as an alcohol-containing beverage.

Know Your Limits

The rate at which alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream depends on the individual. The alcohol concentration in your body is based on the following:

  • Your weight. In general, the less you weigh, the more you will be affected by alcohol.
  • The amount of food in your stomach. Food will slow alcohol absorption but will not prevent intoxication.
  • The period of time during which you consume beer.
  • The average metabolism rate for moderate drinkers produces a .017 per hour decline in their blood-alcohol content (BAC) level. For example, if your BAC is .08% and you have stopped drinking, it will take about one hour for your body to reduce BAC to .063%. Check out our Blood Alcohol Content Calculator to learn more about your limits.

Factors that determine the effects of alcohol include:

  • Gender. Men generally have a higher alcohol tolerance because they are usually bigger and have a lower percentage of body fat than women.
  • Mental and physical health. Illness, depression, stress or fatigue can increase the effects of alcohol.
  • Percentage of body fat. Body fat does not absorb alcohol, so a leaner person will likely be less affected by alcohol than an individual of equal weight but with higher body fat percentage.
  • Medication. Medication can increase the influence of alcohol. Follow your doctor’s advice before mixing the two.

Eat When You Enjoy Beer

Enjoy beer with your favorite meal or snack. Foods high in protein and carbohydrates, like meat, cheese or nuts, are ideal accompaniments to beer. Food not only helps moderate the effects of alcohol, but it also slows down your rate of consumption.

Know the Difference in Beer Styles

There is a wide variety of beer styles available for you to sample. Keep in mind that the percentage of alcohol in beer can vary from about 3 percent to over 10 percent by volume. While you cannot determine alcohol content based on beer color or age, some styles, such as Barleywines, Doppelbocks and many “fest” beers, often contain a higher percentage of alcohol than other beers. Your server may be able to provide you with additional alcohol-content information.

Choose a Designated Driver Before Drinking

For you own safety and the safety of others, please don’t drink and drive. Drinking any amount of alcohol can impair your ability to drive, and all states have strict laws regulating drinking and driving. Know your limits. Instead of risking a penalty or an accident, designate a driver before going out or call a cab. Play it safe and savor the flavor again another day.

Remember, Time is the Only Remedy for Overindulging

Coffee, cold showers or exercise will not “sober you up.” Know your limits before you drink.