Consult your physician or other qualified health professional to more accurately determine how beer can be part of your individual healthy lifestyle.

Blood Alcohol Calculator

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There are many variables that can affect beer drinkers’ blood alcohol content level. The examples below are among the many variables that are not taken into account and are not included as factors in this Blood Alcohol Calculator for beer drinkers.

  • Food Intake
  • Mood
  • Medication
  • Age
  • Mental and Physical Health
  • Percentage of Body Fat
  • Water in the Body
  • Time From First Beer
savortheflavorThis calculator is not a legal definition or indicator of blood alcohol content. It is intended to be used as an approximate guideline to inform beer drinkers of the estimated potential blood alcohol content range that one might experience after responsibly enjoying the flavor and diversity of beer. It is not intended to estimate the affect of other alcoholic beverages, particularly mixed drinks/cocktails because of the uncertainty in determining an accurate alcohol content of mixed drinks with added liquor/distilled spirits.

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