How can you tell if a beer is made by a U.S. craft brewer? Look for the upside down beer bottle icon on the packaging.

As global beer makers purchase formerly independent craft brewers, knowing which breweries are independent is becoming more confusing. The Brewers Association, publishers of, created a seal that makes it easy for you to know if you are buying beer from an independent brewer.

Look for the Independent Craft Brewer Seal

The icon, technically known as the independent craft brewer seal, was launched by the Brewers Association in 2017.

The Brewers Association (BA) is the membership organization dedicated to promoting and protecting small and independent craft brewers in the United States. The BA defines a craft brewer as small, traditional and independent.

“Beer lovers really care about who makes their beer,” says BA Director Paul Gatza. “What this provides is a clear message to the beer drinker that this beer comes from a small and independent craft brewer.”

independent craft brewer sealWhat Does the Upside Down Beer Icon Mean?

The seal’s design symbolizes how the U.S. craft beer movement has literally turned beer on its head worldwide.

“Craft beer has disrupted the beer market over the last three decades in a way that’s indicative of turning something upside down,” explains BA Craft Beer Program Director and Publisher Julia Herz.

As of January 2018, more than 6,000 operating breweries exist in the U.S. Ninety-nine percent of those breweries are considered small and independent.

Beyond changing an industry, craft brewers are revitalizing, shaping and building their communities.

Look for the independent craft brewer seal in a variety of places, including on packaging and labels, at events, on tap handles, menus and websites.

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Breweries Have Adopted the Seal