Beer Educational Tools

If you’re a beer geek like us, everything about the beverage of beer is fascinating. Part of’s mission is to help you learn about craft beer, so our website provides ample information. From beer service to beer tasting, the educational tools featured…


Beer History

Modern U.S. craft beer history began in the 1960s. You may know part of the story—the increasing popularity of homebrewing beer in the 1970s and the rise of microbreweries in the 1990s. We dug into the Brewers Association’s archives looking for interviews…

The Beer 101 Course is an online course created for anyone looking for an introduction to craft beer.


Beer Schools

If you want to further your appreciation of craft beer by completing more serious studies, there are beer schools, brewing schools and classes that will help you achieve the level of craft beer education you desire.


Beer Glossary

It’s important to know the language of beer! Use this glossary of common beer and brewing vocabulary to help you on your craft beer journey.



The world of craft beer is rooted in creativity, and one of the ways that small and independent brewers showcase that creativity is through the creation of seasonal beers. Seasonal beers are a unique, fun way to capture the essence of a particular season.

Explore 80+ of America’s most popular beer styles including stats, commercial examples and food pairings.