9 Ways to Incorporate Beer Into Your Halloween Costume

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9 Ways to Incorporate Beer Into Your Halloween Costume

It’s that exciting time of the year again–cooler weather, pumpkin carving, an onslaught of horror films – and, oh yeah, your friend’s Halloween costume party.

I think we all know the struggle fairly well. Do you spend hours of your precious time brainstorming an ultra creative DIY costume? Or, when the creative juices aren’t flowing, do you resort to purchasing a cookie cutter, from-the-bag costume? Or, lastly, do you pull the ultimate costume cop out and go as “yourself”?

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Have no fear! Grab a beer and choose from one of the easily constructed costumes from our list. Our ideas match beers with some memorable tv and movie characters. (Note: If you’ve been living in a cave for the previous 20 or so years, please be advised there are spoilers ahead.)

DIY Halloween Costumes and Beers to Match

The Costume: Raj Koothrappali from “The Big Bang Theory” | The Beer: Stone Farking Wheaton Wootstout

Channel your inner astrophysicist as the always socially awkward Raj. While incredibly intelligent, Raj suffers from selective mutism, which requires that he imbibe alcohol to converse with the opposite sex. Master his look with cargo pants, a layered sweater vest and a windbreaker. 9 Ways to Incorporate Beer Into Your Halloween Costume


The Costume: Jon Snow or Arya Stark from “Game of Thrones” | The Beer: Brewery Ommegang’s Bend the Knee

It’s officially fall, but winter is coming. Prepare to defend thy House (and beer) as one of the most ruthless, daring characters to grace Westeros. Garner your finest sword, tall leather boots, a dark-colored trench coat and top with thick furs.

9 Ways to Incorporate Beer Into Your Halloween Costume


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The Costume: Princess Leia or Han | The Beer: New England Brewing’s Imperial Stout Trooper

Fight against the Empire by joining the independent beer rebellion! Navigate the intergalactic skyways, beat the stormtroopers and celebrate with a drink at Mos Eisley Cantina. Dress like the original trilogy’s epic heroine, who would undoubtedly reach for a brew over other spirits, with a long-sleeved white dress, chunky belt, symmetrical hair buns and unrelenting sharp wit. Or dress as her love interest with leather boots, solid colored shirt, leather vest, blaster and an equally biting sensibility.

9 Ways to Incorporate Beer Into Your Halloween Costume


The Costume: Jesse Pinkman from “Breaking Bad” | The Beer: Knee Deep Brewing’s Breaking Bud IPA

Embody the child no parent dreams of raising by bringing morally flawed meth dealer, Jesse Pinkman, to life. Never one for elaborate language or scholarly pursuits, Jesse manages to remain a relatable, humorous character throughout his illegal escapades. Complete his look by zipping up a full-body hazmat suit, resting a protective breathing mask on your head and punctuating all communication with “yo!” or “b*tch!” Bonus points for carrying around plastic baggies filled with crushed, light blue rock candy.

9 Ways to Incorporate Beer Into Your Halloween Costume


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The Costume: Red Forman from “That 70s Show” | The Beer: New Glarus Brewing’s Staghorn Octoberfest

Travel back in time to simpler days filled with rock ‘n roll, international conflict and experimental drugs. One of the funniest, most crotchety characters to emerge from television’s yesteryear comedy, “That ‘70s Show,” is Red Forman, Eric’s dad. A quintessential tv father from the ‘70s, Red enjoys watching football, reading the newspaper and mercilessly ragging on his children. Red would likely find craft beer unnecessarily frilly compared to his tried and true Old Milwaukee, but I can only hope he’d give the crisp, clean brew deemed “Wisconsin’s Real Red” the ol’ college try.

9 Ways to Incorporate Beer Into Your Halloween Costume


The Costume: Frank Gallagher from “Shameless” | The Beer: Baderbrau’s Chicago Pilsner

Prove your prowess as a terrible role mole and embody Frank Gallagher. Like Red, Frank may not know craft beer exists, but it’s safe to assume he would indulge in sessionable offerings, such as a pilsner, like the ones he scores from his neighborhood convenient store. Perfect his look with a jean jacket, oversized beanie and skipping all socially expected forms of personal hygiene for at least a week prior to your party.

9 Ways to Incorporate Beer Into Your Halloween Costume


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The Costume: Any character from “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” | The Beer: Evil Genius Beer’s Shut Up, Meg

Gather your posse of social misfits and miscreants, and make haste to Paddy’s Pub. In between the riot punch and battling it out at Chardee MacDennis, in true “It’s Always Sunny” fashion, be sure to minimize all efforts of the female in your group by yelling, “Shut Up Dee!” Don a Philadelphia Phillies jersey or anything with an Irish four-leaf clover.

9 Ways to Incorporate Beer Into Your Halloween Costume


The Costume: The Dude from “The Big Lebowski” | The Beer: Brash Brewing’s Abide

Don’t let a case of mistaken identity tarnish your night of spooky fun. Make certain partygoers know you are Jeff “the Dude” Lebowski, a profane slacker with an affinity for bowling and an eclectic crew of oddball friends. Personify the Dude’s lackadaisical sense of irresponsibility by sporting a floor-length bathrobe, bowling ball, ransom note and a glassful of Russian imperial milk stout.

9 Ways to Incorporate Beer Into Your Halloween Costume


The Costume: Dr. Ellie Sattler or Dr. Alan Grant from “Jurassic Park” | The Beer: Lost Rhino’s Bone Dusters

Rounding out the list, science geeks come full circle. Helping realize all our childhood fantasies, protagonists Dr. Ellie Sattler, paleobotanist, and Dr. Alan Grant, paleontologist, discover a world of Paleozoic dinosaurs brought back to life through DNA manipulation. After warding off a Tyrannosaurus rex and cunningly thwarting a gang of Velociraptors, the doctors have a bone to pick with the amusement park’s creator. Replicate their looks with hiking boots, khaki-colored shorts, sunglasses, neck bandana, structured wide-brimmed hat and an overall look of disbelief.

9 Ways to Incorporate Beer Into Your Halloween Costume


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